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Born Harry B. Gathers in Miami on July 28th 1984, Ammo grew up on the unforgiving inner city streets of Miami Dade County. Surrounded by struggle, violence and drugs Ammo turned to Rap as a source of expression. What started as free styling on the block, turned into a passion to express the reality of his life through lyrical interpretation.

Even though Ammo was big on the Miami Dade secular scene, his roots were in the church. Being raised in a Christian home Ammo always felt God tugging on his heart during his secular career. In spite of his attempts to “rap for God” he always felt more comfortable in the secular scene due to his limited understanding of God’s word. It wasn’t until fellow artist’s mom, a faithful Christian woman, ministered to him and convinced him to open his heart and let Jesus Christ in. That day he fully surrendered his life to God and started to use his gift for the Lord.

A few months after giving his life to Christ, Ammo hit the gospel rap scene hard. His transition caused former friends to turn their backs, judge him and stop supporting him, but he didn’t’ look back. Ammo continued going hard for God sharing his testimony and the Gospel of Jesus Christ through his music.

Now Ammo presents “Bob Marley (Freestyle)” the first song released off his upcoming sophomore mixtape. Featuring lyricists’ AMan & Wise.

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