Aktiv Beats Presents Art Behind the Beat

Miami Producer Aktiv Beats takes the industry to another level as he reveals his Album Cover, Album Name, and features to his upcoming project “Aktiv Beats Presents: Art Behind The Beat”

“Don’t you call, this a regular jam, I’m gonna’ rock this land, I’m gonna’ take this itty bitty world by storm, and I’m just getting warm” – LL Cool J

The project is a compilation album produced by Aktiv Beats with features by; Oscar Urbina, Angie Rose, Still Diligent, B-Les, Dillon Chase, Witness, O.D.O.T, Coach, Street Hymns, Paul Morris, Radio Roman, Jose Fontanez, and more.

“Art Behind The Beat” is an album from a producers point of view, to bring the body of Christ together to collaborate, make good music, encourage, and ultimately point the listeners to one thing and thats Jesus.

A lot of the time listeners hit play, turn up and oversee the heart, the art and the long hours that producers put in to make these tracks.  This album serves as a tool for the listeners to not only enjoy the collaborations but to listen to the art.

Stay on the lookout as Aktiv Beats will release his project soon, don’t miss it.

“Art Behind The Beat” will be available for free download.

A very special thanks to Lino Lizano and Manny Mill.

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Please see this visual for Aktiv Beats upcoming album:

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