Adriansings on Marriage, Balancing Work & Music, and Touring [Interview]

In part two of our conversation with Adriansings, he talks about an upcoming marriage, music/work balance, and looking to tour. In part one of our conversation, Adrian spoke about what it took to create Come Out and Play as well as the obstacles that can sometimes get in his way as an artist.

One thing I could say about you is that you’re constant. You put out all these projects, you’re not staying stagnant. You’re constantly putting out stuff. What’s really crazy to wrap my head around is now you’ve got all of this… and you’re engaged to be married. You’re getting married here, pretty soon too right?

Yes. 45 days.

So you’re busy, you’ve got a serious relationship, and you’re staying on point with your music. You’ve also got a 9 to 5. Can you talk about that?

I work at a music store here in town. It’s kind of a “famous music store.” It’s the only music store that’s been local and it’s been here since 1979. And Jerry Sims runs that store and the store’s called Sims Music. You know I work, not 9 to 5, but I work like 10 to 5, 10 to 6. I also teach private music lessons after hours sometimes. So like I’ll do voice lessons and guitar lessons… I actually have a couple of gig bands that I play with here around town. So, music is just a huge part of my life. Definitely the center pillar of my life is music. And it’s not limited to one genre and one thing, but you know working in music has been great because it kind of keeps you rejuvenated in a weird way. It’s almost like being able to produce and do all this music and mix and master, it’s like the fun parts of my life.

And then I also to do music, but it the thing that puts food on the table and it takes care of bills and things like that. Obviously I would love for one or the other to take off. I mean I’ve even had potential aspirations of maybe I’ll run a music store one day. Like if our store gets big enough I could go open another store.

It’s really hard, I think a lot of people are always told not to pursue multiple dreams. But I think with getting married, one of the things I’m trying to be okay with is by pursuing different things and giving the best that I have and letting God take care of the rest. People are like, “No, you need to quit your job and you need to move to the middle of nowhere and just grind. And do nothing but music.” And I just think that can’t be everybody’s path. I mean I understand that that’s sometimes what it takes and there is a certain level of dedication. I mean I definitely don’t think that I take my music lightly. I’m constantly staying diligent to producing more music and pushing more releases.

There’s been challenges so, like even if all you can give is 80%, are you 100% present for it? And I think that’s where I’m at so it’s like even though I’m giving myself to so many different things in my life. I’m 100% present for those things.

So I’m giving it all I got, even if all I got is 70%. You know?



And I’m having to trust that God’s going to take care of that, light my steps and guide me where I need to go. But it gets very tough. I’ve definitely felt a lot of alienation lately and just, it’s like when I’m not working, and when I’m not doing music I’m having to pursue a relationship and get ready for marriage… I’m doing premarital counseling. I’m getting ready for marriage and that’s a big part of my life and I’m so thankful that my fiancé Allie loves me enough to support me.

I mean she’s, when I met her all she listened to was country music. She had no interest in Hip Hop whatsoever. I’m definitely turning her into a little street girl. I’m trying my best to get her into Hip Hop. And you know I’ll catch her humming my songs in the car and I’m like, “Babe, what? You listen to my stuff?” It’s really cool having that support and having somebody that knows me beyond my music.

That’s something I struggled with my whole life. My identity and knowing what defines me because you know I have talent. I acknowledge that. And there’s a lot to things I do that kind of help me to hide behind those things. So, for somebody like her… she has this unique ability to see right through all that and meet the real me behind the curtain. You need people like that in your life. They’re worth pursuing even if music ends up not being enough.

I reached out to Fvmeless on Instagram since he got married recently. I messaged him I was like, “Hey man I know we don’t really know each other…” a lot of people have been pushing him and me to work together and we just haven’t had the opportunity to do so yet. I reached out to him and was like, “Hey man, I know you just got married. I saw the pictures. Congratulations.” And I was like, “So, how the heck do I do this?” “Help me survive this.” And I was like, “What do you do, and how do you balance it all? And how do you stay consistent on social media? How do you stay consistent on music when you’re pursuing marriage?”

And he said, “If I had the answers man, I would tell you. But it just takes a lot of prayers and faith and a lot of sleepless nights. You know, you’ve got to give yourself 100% to all those things in your life that God’s given you and then whenever it’s time to go to sleep choose to say you know what I’m going to give up some of that to pursue this music and this dream that I have.”

It definitely is going to require me to work hard and I’ve seen that so evidently in just what he’s told me and also in everyday life. It’s hard to balance it all, but I’m doing the best I can.

All right. What else do we need to talk about?

Like I said, I’m just in this time right now I’m trying to survive, you know just trying to survive life. I’ve been so busy at the moment and you know so, praying for the obvious situation with my dad and just trying to you know, just trusting God’s sovereignty and his timing and everything and just being present for Him, and being present for that.

But yeah, no I’m counting the days as I approach this wedding, the big thing is once I get married you know it’s going to be back to boots on the ground running what am I doing next? I can say with certainty right now that I’m not working on any projects which is good. I need that break and I’ve put a lot of music out, and I think my biggest pursuit right now is trying to figure out the next level of all of that which is trying to find someone to manage me. I’m looking for a manager. Somebody who can help me book shows and venues even if they’re out of state.

Because the hard thing, man, and I think I’ve talked about this before, but being in Columbia, South Carolina is such a dead scene for Hip Hop. Especially Christian Hip Hop. So I didn’t even have, I’ve nailed this music but I can’t go make real connections with like.

For me, it’s time to try to figure out this next level, which is touring around more, even if I was to hop on another artist’s tour. Or, you know maybe start my own shows. And just trying to do that kind of grass-roots, gaining more fans from just really being present and giving them somebody to look at, and bringing that energy to the stage. So that it’s not just music that they hearing on streaming services.

Well, yeah because your last track here on Come Out And Play, on “Tu Sabes,” you talk about going on tour.

Yeah, right and it’s funny after I wrote that line, and I was like, I wrote it knowing that, it sounds really catchy when I wrote it and I thought  “I can’t do that, I’m not on tour.” But I was like, you know what, I’m going to leave that because I want that to be the challenge. The next time that they hear me they’re going to have to hear me on tour.

That’s my mission. That’s how I wanted to end the album. It was like, I already said everything that I’ve needed to say. You already know who I am. So at this point it just a matter of trusting God and letting this message be taken elsewhere. Because even though this album was a lot of fun and there’s a lot of bangers on it, heavy hitters and high energy stuff, there’s also a really big message that I bring to the table. Just like with my other releases and my other music. So I want to be able to share that with the whole world.

Awesome, man. Well I just want to encourage you. I think this music is amazing. You got a lot of crazy stuff happening in your life. I’ll just continue to pray for you. Congrats on getting married. All that. I wish you the best of luck in everything man.

Yeah, man thank you so much. I appreciate your time and looking forward to seeing what comes of it and like I said at this point it’s so hard because I’m so busy but I’m trying to do that next step so hopefully I’ll be in a city near you one day.

I just got to take some time and work on just getting my stuff out there.

Next week we’ll wrap up the conversation with part three on What are your thoughts on Adriansings’ music? Comment below.