• Favorite Tracks: Bottled Up, 2009, Figured Out, Circus, Alright

    First impressions are everything, even in the music industry. Though what is someone’s first impression from an artist at the age of 16 who is still navigating through high school? My honest opinion would be amateur, rookie, you get the idea. Well the stereotype of younger artists not being up to par are being broken by artists such as Adrian Stresow. Being one of the youngest to do it in the CHH community we introduce to you his debut album titled ‘Life As We Know It’

    If you have been following Adrian throughout the last year or so you would see projects and singles mostly produced by himself. With this being said, have we mentioned quality goes a long way? Well if you haven’t here it is, WE NOTICE THESE THINGS.

    Anyways, lets continue shall we? Being his debut album Adrian tells us he wanted to make a project without restrictions, without being within the norm of what a Christian album should consist of. He brings you into his personal life with what he deals with on a daily basis. Whether its from being at home dealing with his parents to being in high school where temptations and struggles are abound.

    If i’m honest, with this album being his first I would have expected some hard hitting production where I can wild out too, but that was not the case. After listening to the whole project I realize that it worked in Adrian’s favor to not have a song that is over the top with bass and snare. I believe with the introduction song, ‘Bottled Up’, he really sets the tone of what to expect from the album. Each song’s production really sets the mood he wants you to feel with each songs intended message. Adrian really wanted to give us a piece of his life, to get to know the artist behind the mic a little bit more and I think he accomplished that.

    In regards to the  concept of this album it can be quoted from Adrian himself.

    As far as the concept goes, I wanted to give the message to the listeners that happiness is a choice. Every song is really close to me and I wanted to make music that people like me would relate to.

    Honesty was very apparent in his simple yet intended wordplay with the project. I believe Adrian Stresow found the type of music he likes to make and which he is also exceptionally good at.
    Get to know who Adrian Stresow is by supporting his debut album on iTunes, as well go and check out all his latest work on NewH2O.

    Here is a recent single you can enjoy before the album drops.

    Check out the official tracklisting below:

    1.  Bottled Up
    2.  2009
    3.  Run
    4.  Different (Feat. Matthew Berry)
    5.  Figured Out
    6.  Circus
    7.  Prove Them Wrong
    8.  Out Here
    9.  Alright
    10.  Life as We Know It (Feat. Levi Hinson)

    “Life as We Know It” drops 12/30/14!

    iTunes – https://h20.me/1yKG4CO

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