Abdon – Who Can Stop Me Now?

February 1, 2014


Love God. Hip Hop Enthusiast. Serial entrepreneur. Web Developer. Founder of I Never Stop.
  1. RelentlessMK

    Good to see my bro Abdon doing his thing for the Lord! Glad to be a part of this project. We just getting started! Much love to New H2O!

  2. MarilyGRivera

    Congratulations and God Bless you for being a solider of God.

  3. Vicki1971

    So very happy and excited for you! You did this :-)

  4. IrisClark

    Congrats hunny!! This is beautiful and so strong.. Keep up the good work on the right path..!!

  5. IllaBlade

    This song is awesome. Keep up the good work

  6. cvsantapau

    Congratulations, great son.  Let God be your guide and pilot, you will reach many with your songs and praise.

  7. WandaPerez1

    Nice song and a big shout out to my son in law. Just remember no matter how many obstacles are thrown you way don't lose site of the man you have become. Love ya

  8. DynastyNicole

    Keep following your dreams. remember "Neva Settle" for less. Love ya big bro.

  9. Jazzy1436

    Your music is absolutely amazing. A true inspiration for all, to follow your dreams and never give up. Get ready its only the beginning, God has great things in store for you!!!! Super proud and excited for you! God Bless♥

  10. cuchicuchicoo

    Very nice I like the truth dont like rap but I can hear ur words and understand and comprehend what u mean keep up the good work good luck

  11. SigriedJohnston

    You are an amazing artist! Your music is inspiring & full of love! Praying for your success!

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