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8 Responses

  1. BNew

    I love this guy’s ability to deliver the gospel message and testimonies through lyrics. He’s talented! Looking forward in hearing the album too!

  2. nikia27

    Keep spreading the word and speaking TRUTH through your music.

  3. ThompsonScribe

    “So I’m off on a mission … but I ain’t skipping on bricks to the land of Oz/ He made me a new form, I wasn’t reborn to be a luke warm man of God” … BARS!!

  4. Subrante

    When I first heard of him, I had a hard time vibing to his music. Now, after really peeping what he spits, he got it. Give him the ball and watch ’em make the clutch shot.

  5. DevinBradshaw

    A great way to present a powerful and inspirational message. The way his bars are put together is perfect and untouchable by anyone else

  6. dreammom01

    A. Doulos is a Breath of fresh air . I love the music he creates.  !!!!!!  LORD IM READY SEED ME!!!!!!!!

  7. brinkbrink

    A.Doulos has the potential of becoming one of the most prolific and preeminent Christian rapper’s of our time.


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