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  1. p4lesswireless

    Pay 4 Less Wireless is proud to back this project up we say download this and spread it out. Staff members Martine really loves ”Grace went to war”. My Favorite is ”Tears of war”. Love the whole project, God is using 7vnseal mightly for his Glory! 

  2. amgstaff

    This project has to be one of my Fav’s from 7vnseal. Love the whole concept and the tracks are banging. This is true underground hip hop yes but, more than anything I love the fact it’s heavy with scripture based ryhmes in it. If you pay attention close enough alot of his ryhms are scriptures. Love Psalm 110 and 114 that was all KJV word for word! It’s crazy how it matched so perfect you know that was God. Another fav for me is ”Tears of war” That is a repeater if you ask me just love it as a whole great Job from both artist. Surrounded by light is another classic just raw and full of Jesus. 5 stars for me.. Keep it moving 7vnseal! Jesus loves you sir very much love how the Lord uses you but, always stay Humble. I know you will read this since your connection with H20 is strong. Keep pushing it!!!


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