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  1. Jr.

    He always does raw video lol! Like he chooses to have it like that. Love it though, the front script is excellent teaching and the rest of the video is dope.

  2. Demonkilla7

    I agree with the above comments. This video has a great message to fight back as a christian even when the enemy continues to attack us, as we minister to our friends or brothers. So, that was a great dipiction of that right there in the intro. 5stars

  3. Robby Rob

    This is real Hip-Hop sound, I was a big fan of wu-tang style music back in the day. But, of course I don’t listen to them now. So it’s great to see a Christian who has a passion to spread the Gospel with that same wu-tang style. I am loving this, Lecrae has his style and 7vnseal has his but they are servants the same to one Christ. Bottom line what I’m saying 7vnseal music for his genre of music goes hard. Don’t sleep on this artist right here, hey H2O thank you for posting his information on here video etc.


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