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  1. shaketheearthradio

    Man this Mixtape is Fire!!! this has deff gotta be top for 2013 already man. Love the tracks the beats are raw and the word of God is up in this thing man. Stay Humble 7vn seal! You going places man for Jesus!

  2. shaketheearthradio

    I can say that 7vnseal’s Track’s will be on the playlist with DJ T Walk’s ”Red Hour” On STE Radio. If you want to hear exclusive tracks by this Christian Hip Hop artist then visit our site. If you want to submit music for one of our 2 Mix-shows we have on STE Radio then come visit our site. !!
    7vnseal!!! Love ”Give him the Glory”-”Christ supreme”-”Prophecy fulfilled”-”Holy Rings” -”Awoke in hell”- Them tracks right there are fire!


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