5ive is releasing his third studio album Ain’t Supposed To Be Here on June 24.


1. Ain’t Suppose To Be Here (feat. Chris Cobbins) Produced By: Freek Van Workum
2. Winning (feat. Dre Murray & Corey Paul) Produced By: Trixx
3. Come Home (feat. BenJah) Produced By: Chris Jai & BenJah
4. All Things (feat. Rachael Messini) Produced By: Freek Van Workum
5. Church [Halo & OnBeat Remix] (feat. Je’kob & SPEC) Produced By: Halo Hitz and OnBeat-Music
6. Do You Believe In LOVE (feat. Je’kob) Produced By: Freek Van Workum
7. Your Hands (feat. Flo) Produced By: Freek Van Workum
8. Slingshot Rap (feat. Buck Barnabas & Kre8tor) Produced By: Freek Van Workum
9. Worship GOD (feat. V. Rose & SPEC) Produced By: SPEChouse
10. I’ll Go (feat. We Are Leo) Produced By: Freek Van Workum
11. Freedom (feat. Cam) Produced By: Halo Hitz

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