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5 Up & Coming Producers For The Serious CHH Fan

October 20, 2018


5 Up & Coming Producers For The Serious CHH Fan

Darius Mullin Highlights Some Producers To Pay Attention To In CHH

In a musical climate where good production is becoming more and more crucial for the success of any given artist, the producers themselves often still remain in the background without receiving the recognition they deserve. With that being said, here is a list of five producers within the sphere of Christian Hip-Hop that consistently put out excellent music and that any serious fan of the genre should know.

NOTE: This list is not, nor is it intended to be exhaustive. Any artists who are left off are not meant to be left out. Rather, the intention is to highlight some lesser-known talent while remaining varied and concise.

Colson Kelly

Tagline: “Ay it’s Colson!”

Colson Kelly has a unique style that is at once hype and light. Utilizing creative sample choices, each beat is like a breath of fresh air. Colson stays consistently on the radar through remixes, collabs, appearances at shows, and beat sales which he presents similar to an album or EP. Rest confident that we will be seeing more and more of him as time goes on.

Notable collaborators include Shiwan, Shopé, Eric Heron, and Phil J.

Find Colson Kelly on Twitter here:
On Spotify:



Micah Hampton

Although he tends to work from behind the scenes, Micah Hampton has had a hand in more projects than anyone will probably ever know, even beyond the role of producer. Micah wears multiple hats as producer, consultant, encourager, and more. Even singing on his songs occasionally. Additionally, he is a networking genius, benefitting not only his own connections but also connecting those around him. Micah’s sound ranges from juicy synths to epic orchestral strings and you can expect to hear much more from him in the future.

Notable collaborators include Ty Brasel, Parris Chariz, and Hyper Fenton, FVMELESS.

Find Micah Hampton on Twitter here:
On Spotify:




Even if you haven’t heard of FVMELESS, you’ve probably heard something produced by him. The man seems to be working his way through the who’s who of the CHH new school. With an authentic style that is reminiscent of older styles of hip hop while still possessing all the vivaciousness of the modern era, FVME seeks to make God famous.

Memorable collaborators include Lawren, J. Crum, and Parris Chariz, as well as Vic Sage.

Find FVMELESS on Twitter here:
On Spotify:




Tagline: “Bake some noise.”

The Bakery is actually a producer/graphic designer duo comprised of thexbakr and ZXMBIAC respectively. The beats that The Bakery produces have a refreshingly old-school sound and seem to bring out the best in an artist’s lyricism. Not only do the members of this group produce quality products individually, they also find creative ways of combining their art. You can tell by their super fresh promotional videos.

You may have heard some fresh-baked beats on tracks by Dre Murray, Ruslan, and Angie Rose. You can find also find The Bakery’s art adorning the covers of music by the likes of Derek Minor and Corey Paul.

Find ThexBakery on Twitter here:
On Spotify here:




A member of the collective known as pandacafé, reid. has been steadily gaining traction amongst CHH artists. He is a very versatile producer, able to craft tracks that range from hype to bouncy to dark and everything in between. Two recent albums, AyeJae’s HugSZN and Josiah Davis’s Detour, feature reid. as executive producer.

In addition to AyeJae and Josiah Davis, reid. has collaborated with seni. and Xay Hill with many more projects on the way.

Find reid. on Twitter here:
On Spotify here:

So, there you have it! Five producers that any serious CHH fan should know. What do you think? Who should have been included that wasn’t? Should I write a part 2? Hit me up and let me know!


Guest contributor, Darius Mullin

Darius Mullin is a student, musician, and avid lover of all things Christian Hip Hop. You can often find him fellowshipping with friends, making music, working on schoolwork, or touring local caves. (And you can almost always find him making terrible jokes.) You can connect with him on Twitter @iamdariusmullin 

Luc is the Worship Arts Pastor at The Crossing Church in Las Vegas, Nevada. Luc has been performing and critiquing hip hop since the age of 5. In his free time he’s either watching baseball, on a date with his wife, or wrestling with his kids.
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