We’re starting something new where we ask artists 5 questions. Not all questions are related to music but for you to get better aquatinted with artists. Artists are real people too. Have a question? Shoot it in the comments section below.

1. What’s your favorite thing to do in your free time?

I’m kind of a nerd so if you know anything about me you know I love watching spongebob. Everyone’s answer is always “hang with friends” or “go to a movie.” I watch spongebob.

2. If you could switch time periods what era would you live in? Why?

The mid 60’s simply because of how incredible the music was. The Ratpack gave positivity to such a negative time in American History. I think we can all learn from that.

3. If you could sign to any label, which label would that be? Why?

That’s hard to say. A lot of labels suppress talent or make artists into something they aren’t. I’d want to be with a label that would make me better as an artist, but still let me do my own thing. I’ll tell you what label I wouldn’t sign with and that’s OVO. Great artists, but I’d rather be in a Drake-like position and use that pedestal for positivity rather than be under someone who doesn’t have the same goals/vision as me. That goes for any label, really.

4. What can we expect next from you?

Well my next album is just about done. I’m excited to release it to the people and let them see my growth. I already have another idea for a project that I’m brainstorming for. I believe in breaks. I believe in vacations. But I don’t believe in laziness or complacency so I’ll be working until I earn that vacation.

5. Which person contributed to your career so far the most?

There’s a bunch of them. Drake and Lecrae are the biggest. Lecrae taught me what it meant to be a Christian through his lyrics. His music was what got me to consider rapping myself. I actually started trying to sing before I started listening to Drake. His music became a good reference of how to do the rapping and singing thing right. There will always be a Drake influence in my music… But I’m excited for people hear that there is a clear distinction between us on this next album. Listening to Frank Ocean, Omarion, and Childish Gambino really helped me progress as a singer as well. I taught myself to sing by listening to their music and trying to match their pitch. Music is beautiful, man I love it.

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