This past summer B. Cooper released While The City Sleeps under RMG. We wanted to get to know him a little more to see what influences him and where his inspiration comes from. Artists are real people and we want to highlight them as a person. Have a question for B. Cooper? Shoot it in the comments below.

1. Your music is extremely motivational, where do you get your inspiration from?

My inspiration comes from a lot of different sources. When I started writing, a lot that I wrote was purely a vent, inspired by the stress in my life. There was also a point where acceptance from my peers was really high on the list. Lately, my inspiration has really been drawn on seeing what God can do in people’s lives, and realizing that I have a voice to point them to Him. I have also been inspired, as of late, by seeing myself in others. Whether it be someone beginning to chase their dream of doing music, or someone starting their first career, it has been very humbling for me to know that my words can inspire someone to push harder.

2. If you could be any animal, which one would you be and why?

A Bird. Cause, wings!

3. What’s your mission?

I just want to show people that God is real and that doesn’t necessarily look like every church service that you have been to. I have a passion to see people become who they were meant to be. Any way that I can help in that journey is amazing to me!

4. At what age did you get saved? What contributed to your decision to live for Christ?

I got saved at 15 years old. I had never really been to church much and had no interest. Some friends at school harassed me to go to a weekend retreat, and I wasn’t having it. I had video games to play. On Friday, the evangelist (I didn’t even know what that word meant at the time) Ken Freeman, came to our school and spoke about choices. For some reason he caught my attention and I ended up spending the weekend at church. There was something about the way he made the gospel REAL to me. I gave my life to God on Friday night and got baptized on Sunday. I have definitely had a roller coaster of a walk over the last 15 years, but the one thing that has remained constant is my God!

5. What’s your favorite hangout spot in the city you live in?

Technically a few cities over, and NOT a hangout spot (I can’t help it), but there is a place in Murfreesboro, TN called Fin Fusion. It is a little sushi restaurant. Doesn’t look like much on the outside but once you open the doors, it is a welcoming little spot. Honestly, the best sushi I have ever eaten! It has gotten to the point where I can just order anything off of the menu and know that it is going to be great! This has caused it to be a place that we end up hanging out more than we probably should!

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