The amount of megachurches in the United States has increased as well as the attendance in these churches. The heads of these churches and ministries are expected to be paid an income, however many receive far more than your traditional pastor’s salary. The net worth of certain pastors is well above $5 million. Many of these pastors have received criticism for their doctrine and preaching methods. Are these pastors getting paid too much?

  1. Kenneth Copeland $760 Million

Kenneth Copeland is the head of Eagle Mountain International church in Newark TX, where he is not the pastor but owns the church as Kenneth Copeland ministries in the parent of the church. He is known for his involvement in TV broadcasting and building a massive ministry. His church has a private airstrip and private hangar used to house a $17.5 million private jet, and other planes. His church also owns a $6 million lake house mansion.

2. Joel Osteen $40 Million

Pastor of Lakewood church in Houston TX, Joel Osteen is one of the most well known pastors of the modern day. He is an author of many books and owns a $10.5 million mansion, which has six bedrooms, six bathrooms, and three elevators. Joel no longer takes his $200,000 salary that his church allots for him.

3. Creflo Dollar $27 Million 

The Georgia based pastor head of World Changers International in College Park GA, owns a million dollar home in Atlanta, as well as a $2.5 million apartment in Manhattan. Dollar also gets around in his Rolls-Royce and private jet. Creflo Dollar received controversy for having a fund campaign for a private jet, asking for $65 million.

4. Rick Warren $25 Million 

Founder of Saddleback church of Lake Forrest CA, Rick Warren has an impressive net worth. However unlike most pastors with a high net worth he does not claim to own a mansion or a jet. He believes in giving 10% to God first and saving 10% for the future and living on the rest. Rick and his wife also aim to live on only 10% of their income and plan to donate the rest to charity.

5. T.D. Jakes $18 Million

Jakes is the chief pastor of The Potter’s House church in Dallas TX, he also resides near Dallas in a $1.7 million mansion. Jakes is said to wear a large diamond ring that resembles the size of a coin and wears custom made suits. His church has more than 30,000 attendees.

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