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5 Under 5k – Paul Hernandez, Joshva, Lael Turner, Nolan G & Read B Verses

March 8, 2018


5 Under 5k – Paul Hernandez, Joshva, Lael Turner, Nolan G & Read B Verses

5 Under 5k

Part two of the segment we launched in January highlights artists who have great potential as well as awesome music, and are standouts to our staff here at NewH2O.

The qualifiers? That they make great Christ-centric music and have under 5,000 monthly listeners on Spotify.

Our goal is that we can highlight artists who you might not be familiar with and give a spotlight to some of the underdogs who can get overlooked.

This group of artists are incredibly talented and super dope – we are excited to share!

Paul Hernandez (@dezcry)

  • The first time we heard Paul Hernandez we were floored by the quality of his music and the way his production, flow and style were all so unique to one another. He previously went under the moniker of Dezcry but has taken in sound in a somewhat new direction. We are huge fans of his and can’t stress how much you need to hear this incredibly talented artist.

Joshva (@viijoshva)

  • This Connecticut emcee’s intent is to depict the journey of Christian life and all that it entails. Whether you see the good, the bad, or the ugly you’ll be pointed to something real. Joshva collaborated with Tron on his most recent project, “New Life” which received an “At The Bar” rating last month.  We’re excited to hear more of what Joshva will bring in the future.

Lael Turner (@lael_lt)

  • Lael Turner began making music at a young age. A versatile artist, Lael brings all different styles to his creations. With the core intention of telling about hope that is found in Christ, Lael is laser focused on impacting the world with his stories.

Nolan G (@ntgerwing)

  • Nolan G might be the youngest one on this list, but don’t let that trick you into thinking that he falls short. His heavy topics and hard cutting vocals place him years ahead of his time and give his music an authenticity that is worth spending time on. Do NOT sleep on this guy – he has some great things in store!

Read B Verses (@readbverses)

  • Read B Verses sounds like a seasoned hip hop veteran with cutting lyrics and heavy flows that glorify the Lord. His feature selections, production and flow patterns all seem intentional and well calculated. The way he crafts his verses showcase his experience with the pen and his thoughtful lyricism. He is a breath of fresh air in a culture (CHH) that seems to love redundancy – Read B Verses breaks the mold and delivers!

Want to be considered for 5 Under 5k? Submit your music to reviews@newh2o.com

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