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5 Under 5k – Joe Johnson, Lord Badu, AC, Elan Brio, Kyle Ringer

April 23, 2018

5 Under 5k – Joe Johnson, Lord Badu, AC, Elan Brio, Kyle Ringer

5 Under 5k: March Edition

We are excited to be 3 months into our #5Under5k segment. This month we are highlighting artists in March who have great potential as well as awesome music, and are standouts to our staff here at NewH2O.

The qualifiers? That they make great Christ-centric music and have under 5,000 monthly listeners on Spotify.

Our goal is that we can highlight artists who you might not be familiar with and give a spotlight to some of the underdogs who can get overlooked.

This group of artists are incredibly talented and super dope – we are excited to share!

Joe Johnson (@whois__jjohnson)

  • Joe Johnson was introduced to us through his debut album “Grace & Fire” which our editor Luc reviewed in his Bar Exam segment. There were a lot of things that really caught our attention about his music – his production selection, the way the music was arranged for the project and the overall boldness of his message and lyrics. With some time and growth, Joe will be an artist to look out for in 2018 and years to come.

Lord Badu (@LordBadu)

  • Lord Badu is a name familiar with a lot of Christian Hip Hop fans already. Alongside label mates Shope and Dru Bex on Role Model Records, Lord Badu has dropped consistently dope music since his debut on the label. Although he is under 5k monthly listeners right now, with his new EP Identity on the way, we are certain that will change. Keep your eyes peeled for this standout on the Role Model Records label!

AC (@musicbyac)

  • AC’s branding and unique style sonically is what drew us to his music. One of our team members Nat had been putting us onto him for some time – we woke up and heard dope vocals laced over vibe heavy tracks. Although he is a relatively new name to CHH (for some) he already has been on a song with Loso for Loso’s last project. Expect to see more of AC this year.

Elan Brio (@elanbrio7)

  • Elan Brio was nominated by Luc DiMarzio, our lead editor and author of the Bar Exam. After listening to some of his music, I can see why. Elan brings classic lyricism and powerful concepts into heavy beats and a strong vocal delivery. His music isn’t ‘trendy’ and doesn’t fit with the latest ‘wave’ that might be happening in Hip Hop, but his authenticity and command of the microphone stands on it’s own.

Kyle Ringer (@RevRing23)

  • Kyle Ringer has got a feeling in his music that reminds me of a lot of the artists that are really breaking into their own right now. This isn’t to say that he stole their style or adopted it, but his confidence, cadences and flow patterns are so well crafted that it’s easy to tell he is a natural. His latest song, Back Up Off Me, has that feeling and his 8 track EP “Gone” fits into that pocket as well. Kyle has a bit of mystery around him, but we expect some great things coming soon.

Want to be considered for 5 Under 5k? Submit your music to reviews@newh2o.com

Akande is a serial entrepreneur and hip hop recording artist know as Davis Absolute. He is the owner and operator of New H2O, Digital Pew and the RCHGRV Collective. Connect with him @davisabsolute.
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