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4Trinity teamed up with their friends, K-nuff & Butta P of Rhema Soul, Young Joshua, ViceVrsa and producer Mpax to make a free download track for the holidays. Instead of making the typical track, they decided to take a different route and speak about how most people today go out, celebrate, and party, but don’t even know why or what they are celebrating. While the world is looking for some satisfaction, we understand that we found ours in Jesus. The King is here!

“The King is Here”
4Trinity, Rhema Soul, Young Joshua, and ViceVrsa
Produced by: Mpax for Mpax Production
Co-Produced by: J. Rippa
Mixed by: J. Rippa for Lambworx
Mastered by: Joe Bunting for Lambworx
Artwork by: Frank for Rekcity

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