4 MINUTE SERMONS drops his project THE HOPE, and had a lot to say about it.

“The story for THE HOPE really began when I started writing the first song on a plane ride to Florida last summer headed to Orlando. I was at a great place in my life and ready to conquer the world. I had a fantastic summer last year and was excited to write something new and fresh heading into this album. Coming into last winter I had A LOT of personally things collapse in on me all at once. Most of which was my fault.

December shows up and I was in a very scary spot in terms of mental stability and health. It was in the months from December to February I wrote pretty much the entire album. I was writing like my life depended on it. Writing sometimes for hours upon hours each day in my room alone. I felt alone and scared inside. I wasn’t worried about the album or the theme or deadlines or anything. I just poured my heart out on my phone day after day after day. Then March hit. And I had around 20 songs sitting there waiting for a voice. It was then looking through all those songs that there was one thing I was in search for, I was looking for Hope. I knew there were so many others that were looking for the exact same thing too. So I got in touch with my Producers and thus began the true process of the album. 4 months later there those songs sat in a folder waiting to be heard.”

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