Chance The Rapper’s recent tweet suggests some movement regarding his relationship with God. He referenced Philippians 4:13 and said he was heading to church for additional help.

One cannot assume he is saved based on one tweet but it does sound like God is stirring up something inside Chance. The Chicago born rapper released a Gospel inspired track called “Sunday Candy” earlier in 2015. There is definitely nothing edifying regarding this song as he uses church references that suggest sexual acts with women.

What is interesting is how Gospel music has made an impact on Chance’s life. Kirk Franklin is said to be one of his favorite artists and is his favorite composer. It also appears Chance and Franklin have a relationship deeper than being a fan as he brought Franklin and a choir out during his performance at the Pitchfork Festival in Chicago last summer.

One can only hope that Chance’s relationship with Kirk Franklin has encouraged him on his walk to finding God. In an interview with 107.5 WGCI, Chance discussed growing up in the church and what he admired about Franklin.

“I grew up in the church,” he said. “The song [“surf”] specifically is dedicated to my grandmother who kept me into church so that’s a big feel on a new thing. [Kirk Franklin] is a musical genius. He put together a lot of that stuff. He’s a choir director, dream musician.”

I hope The Body continues to support Chance The Rapper during this time whether or not he decided to give his life to God. Oftentimes The Body can be too aggressive and judgemental when high profile people express their love for God. Christians sometimes think that it is now trendy to proclaim Christ and that the person isn’t serious.

I want everyone to remember the first day they became saved or even back before they were saved. It’s not easy to give your life over to God. Most Christians struggle and put up a fight before giving into what God wanted for them. Nobody is perfect nor will they ever be. I pray Christians give new believers some grace as they navigate through life while making mistakes along the way.

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