The Most and Least Bible-Minded Cities in the U.S. (Is your city on the list?)


The American Bible Society, in partnership with the Barna Group, has released its third annual list of the “Most and Least Bible-Minded Cities in the United States.”

The study is based on interviews with 65,064 adults conducted over a 10-year period. It lists 100 cities in order from most Bible-minded (#1) to least Bible-minded (#100). It is intended to explore overall openness or resistance to the Bible in various cities across the United States.

Individuals who report reading the Bible in a typical week and who strongly assert that the Bible is accurate in the principles it teaches are considered to be “Bible-minded”.

Not surprisingly, the South (appropriately known as the “Bible Belt”) is the most Bible-minded region of the country, with all of the top 10 cities “located below the Mason-Dixon line,” according to the study.

In contrast, the least Bible-minded cities were predominantly in the Northeast.


The Top 10 MOST Bible-Minded Cities:

  1. Chattanooga, Tennessee
  2. Birmingham, Alabama
  3. Roanoke/Lynchburg, Virginia
  4. Shreveport, Louisiana
  5. Tri-Cities, Tennessee
  6. Charlotte, North Carolina
  7. Little Rock/Pine Bluff, Arkansas
  8. Knoxville, Tennessee
  9. Greenville/Spartanburg/Anderson, South Carolina/Asheville, North Carolina
  10. Lexington, Kentucky

And the 10 LEAST Bible-Minded Cities:

  1. Salt Lake City, Utah (17%)
  2. Phoenix/Prescott, Arizona (16%)
  3. Hartford/New Haven, Connecticut (16%)
  4. San Francisco/Oakland/San Jose, California (15%)
  5. Las Vegas, Nevada (14%)
  6. Buffalo, New York (13%)
  7. Cedar Rapids/Waterloo, Iowa (13%)
  8. Providence, Rhode Island/New Bedford, Massachusetts (12%)
  9. Boston, Massachusetts/Manchester, New Hampshire (11%)
  10. Albany/Schenectady/Troy, New York (10%)


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