Deraj & B.Cooper are releasing joint EP ‘For The People’ | News


deraj b cooper for the people cover

For The People, a joint EP from RMG labelmates Deraj and B.Cooper, is an aggressive reminder that there is hope in a world that aims to discourage and derail our dreams and purpose.

For The People inspires listeners to believe that there’s more to this life than our circumstances. This project shines with an authentic encouragement, and doesn’t fail to deliver an explosive sonic energy. From dynamic anthems such as Squad to the captivating melodies of tracks like Gone, Deraj & B.Cooper bring a sonic fusion to satisfy that satisfies. Crafted by a noteworthy team of producers including Dirty Rice, Super Duper, G-Roc, Cardec Drums, & SykSense, this album will have you ready to conquer whatever life brings.




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