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Artist Josh G. Massey Explains Name Change | News

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Josh G. Massey recently changed his artist name and will no longer go by his birth name. He now goes by the name, ‘Massey’. Massey gives us an explanation on why he decided to change it.

“Massey” is real to me. I’ve always tried to write music with honesty and transparency, but in the back of my mind I always thought about whether or not I was impressing people. “Josh G. Massey” is my full name, but it didn’t always feel like the full me. It’s sort of like how you show up to an interview and sometimes you have to act more proper (let’s be honest everyone does that), but it isn’t quite who you really are.

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“Josh G. Massey” is my proper name. “Massey” is who I really am, it’s what my friends and teammates have always called me, it’s not a sugarcoat name, it’s who I am in real life, and I am extremely confident that this name change will be reinforced by all music I release in the future.”


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