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Davis Absolute – grown.retold | Free Project


Download the entire project here

Listen to the full project below!


Written by David

Just on my way living for what God called me to do. Pushing the Kingdom, and Hip Hop happens to be part of it.
Connect with me through email or social media! davids@newh2o.com


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  1. I am really feeling this mixtape. This is a really smooth mellow feel to it. I feel he tried something different and it worked.
    This is what it is….. Out of all your mixtapes this gotta be the best one. God bless you Bro keep excelling and going forward in  your craft which is music. Oh thanks for the Free Music. I would have Bought this on Amazon.

  2. Gevonzion Man I thorooughly appreciate the love and support. It is moments like this that God uses people to remind me that the mission is not in vain. Thank you so much fam!!! Stay tuned and keep plugged in!!!

  3. hey man. Im 21 and when I was 13 I really struggled with my faith. I got right and got rid of all secular music. it was hard cause there were very few artists in Christian rap. Now I realize It was the best decision because I find new music and artists and davis absolute is my top 5. Keeps it real with good flow and beats. Helps me stay right everytime I hear his music. Keep up the work your very talented and will go big places bro.

  4. abreheim81 I wanted to wait a while to respond to this to make sure my response was proper. All I can say is that I am so blessed to see that God is using my music in some way shape or form to provide you with something. Thanks so much for that man. Stay blessed and stay tuned. HIt me up sometime on Twitter or Facebook!

  5. Will do man. Cant wait to see what god has in store for you. All I know is its something good. Ill add you on facebook for sure. Have a blessed day.

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