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Black Knight, JG, Xellentz, Tha Mission, K. Agee of RPSMG to Release a New Mixtape | News



Black Knight, JG, Xellentz, Tha Mission, K. Agee of RPSMG TO Drop A New Mixtape on July 22nd.


1. Tonight (ft. Mission, Black Knight, JG, K.Agee, & X-Ellentz) [Produced by: Black Knight]

2. #Startin5 (ft. Black Knight, JG, K.Agee, X-Ellentz, & Mission) [Produced by: Black Knight]

3. ILLuminati (ft. JG, Black Knight, & Mission) [Produced by: K.Agee]

4. Dear Future (ft. Black Knight, X-Ellentz, & Mission) [Produced by: Kajmir & Black Knight]

5. How it Be (ft. Black Knight, Mission, K.Agee, X-Ellentz, & JG) [Produced by: Black Knight]

6. #RPSMG (ft. Black Knight, K.Agee, X-Ellentz, Mission, JG) [Produced by: Black Knight]

7. Oh My Darling (ft. X-Ellentz, Black Knight, Mission, K.Agee, & JG) [Produced by: Black Knight]

8. Fire (ft. JG & X-Ellentz)

9. BO$$ TALK (ft. Black Knight & Mission) [Produced by: Black Knight]

10. Know Dats Right (ft. K.Agee, Black Knight) [Produced by: K.Agee]

11. I Can (ft. Mission, X-Ellentz, JG, K.Agee, Black Knight) [Produced by: Black Knight]

12. We Dem Boyz [REMIX] (ft. Black Knight, Mission, JG, X-Ellentz, & K.Agee)

13. #RockDaBay [BONUS TRACK] (ft. Mission, K.Agee, Black Knight, & JG) [Produced by: K.Agee]

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Written by Cory Payne

Born in Texas, Raised in Nashville TN. Major fan of: WWE, the Yankees, Tennessee Titans, LA Clippers, Duke and Miami Hurricanes. Serious fan of not just Christian Hip Hop but all genres of Christian Music. Poster of news, videos and other odds and ends.

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