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Gideonz Army Announce ‘H2: Hedges and Highways’ & Release Date | News

Gideonz Army


Gideonz Army announced they will be releasing a new album entitled H2: Hedges and Highways. The also announced the release date which will be May 27.

Gideonz Army also posted the following statement on their facebook fan page.

“We’re so excited about solidifying a release date for our latest project H2: “Hedges and Highways”!! This album definitely has some Turn ALLLL THE WAY UP songs on it (in typical GA fashion), but it also has some songs that address some serious issues people struggle with today, both in and out of the church (Forgiveness, Prayer, Homosexuality, Depression, etc.). Can’t wait to share it with you guys!! MAY 27TH, 2014!!!!!”

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  1. This will be a good month for some fire albums. been waiting on these dudes to put something else out for a while.

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