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Humble Beast Signs JGivens | News


Today Humble Beast signed JGivens and hear is what they had to say via their web-site.

It is with great joy that we would like to announce that JGivens has officially become a part of the Humble Beast family! Over the last three years Propaganda & Beautiful Eulogy have been crossing paths with JGivens on a semi-regular basis and developing a relationship. In fact, J actually opened for the VERY first Beautiful Eulogy show, an event which took place on the campus of UNLV. JGivens also opened for Propaganda’s “Excellent” album release party in Los Angeles and Beautiful Eulogy’s “Instruments of Mercy” album release party in Long Beach. Everyone quickly became impressed with JGivens talent but it was when we got to know him better as a person that we realized he was the type of artist we wanted to join Humble Beast.

Propaganda reflects “At first J didn’t do or say anything particularly unique when we 1st met. He gave me a CD and said God had used our music. But the Holy Spirit just wouldn’t let him leave my mind. So we struck up a good friendship that morphed into a great discipleship relationship. Turns out he had all the right stuff, humble, servant heart, self motivated. He never asked for a record deal. Just diligently pursued his call. He was the perfect fit.”

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Written by Cory Payne

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  1. He’s lyrics paint pictures n hit u with biblical teachings I really do enjoying listening to him I wonder if he will inspire others on the label or will be inspired

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