Natalie Lauren fka Suzy Rock Announces ‘Redeyes & Blueskies’| News


Natalie Lauren, formerly known as Suzy Rock is scheduled to drop a new project Redeyes & Blueskies. At this time it is unclear the exact date of the album. All we know at this time is it will drop some time within April 14-18 for national Minority Cancer Awareness Week.


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Written by Cory Payne

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  1. Don’t get me wrong, I will bump music from Bizzle, This’l, Canton Jones, Canon,etc etc anytime. But…I’m ready to start hearing more music from female artists, seriously. I have sum music either featuring Natalie Lauren(formerly Suzy Rock), the High Society Collective. I just recently started listening to Heesun Lee an been a fan of V.Rose…but there needs to be a more female presence just as the males.

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