Tedashii LIVE Interview | Behind The Mic

tedashii below paradise cover

We discussed Tedashii’s upcoming album Below Paradise. Tedashii answers the question on whether there will be a new 116 Clique album and a ton more!

Below Paradise is releasing with Reach Records on May 27, 2014.


Written by Nick

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  1. 1. Should fans expect a more somber tone overall with Below Paradise?
    2. What is the concept behind the album art?

  2. You should ask him what plans he has for the future (like album and Reach wise), and how he’s dealing with his son’s death and how what him and his family have been doing to cope with it. And maybe ask him about what he thinks of the possible Andy Mineo, KB & Trip Lee album and if he thinks its true. And if it’s true ask him to shed a little light on it and maybe a possible release date?

  3. NickChow Zadik116You’re welcome! I thought that question was good with D. Tropp so I thought I would work here too.

  4. 1. Is he gonna work with Tim Halperin in the future?
    2. His favourite song of 2014, and it can’t be any of his own.

  5. ask him what he’s planning on doing after the album and if he still plans on still being a rapper or if he has something else in mind?

  6. As a radio host, what can be done to get more christian hip-hop on the radio whether its mainstream or christian radio stations?

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