Tedashii – Dark Days, Darker Nights ft. Britt Nicole | Single

Tedashii- Dark Days Darker Nights ft Britt Nicole

A Word From Tedashii on Below Paradise:

“In March of 2013 I had the worst day of my life. The loss of my son changed me forever. I experienced grief and sorrow to the depth of my soul. The veil was lifted, the smoke cleared and all I had was pain. Instantly phrases like, “It’s all good” or “It’ll be ok” were cliche and, at best, empty promises. The comfort of life with no pain was gone and I saw the world in an entirely new way. I felt forsaken, alone, and in a place of darkness that has been kept masked by a focus on only the good side of this life. The reality of being a Christian and suffering so harsh a thing was hard for me to grasp.

This album is my “journal” shared publicly with all of you during this difficult journey as I worked to understand all I felt, experienced, and believed. I am human, I am hurt, I am His. By his grace I am what I am. I pray this will be an album all can feel, even if you can’t relate, and be moved to true emotions about the reality of life in a harsh world with a loving God, Below Paradise.”

Below Paradise drops 5.27.14.

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Written by Cory Payne

Born in Texas, Raised in Nashville TN. Major fan of: WWE, the Yankees, Tennessee Titans, LA Clippers, Duke and Miami Hurricanes. Serious fan of not just Christian Hip Hop but all genres of Christian Music. Poster of news, videos and other odds and ends.


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  1. That’s real…..if you have lost a child it is true you lost a child and now you know the loss of a child. We all carry these days in our blossom….God bless you

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