Preston Butler III aka Prestige has been working on his debut EP called “FOURplay #worththewait”. It is set to be released on 2/11/14 as a FREE download. Follow Prestige on Twitter/Instagram @Prestigemusic3

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  1. NameisDavidSaad

    prestigemusic3 Definatly! Heard of you from To her, From me mixtape. Cant wait for this! Thank you for your music.

  2. prestigemusic3

    NameisDavidSaad well let me tell you bro it’s definitely gonna be some fire!!
    The Lord gave me a word for my peers sho nuff on this one!

  3. prestigemusic3

    NameisDavidSaad I can send you an exclusive early release bro! Would love to hear your feedback on it!

  4. NameisDavidSaad

    prestigemusic3 I think the promo said enough bro! Lol You speak from your heart. Its so evident. And why not man, would love to hear it!

  5. RayAnthony517

    prestigemusic3 yeah that trailer is one of the best visuals I’ve seen, really peaked my interest lookin forward to the Ep!


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