Noble Rebels is an upcoming clothing company and just launched their campaign on Kickstarter. They are also hosting an exclusive giveaway for a Xbox One.

Follow the instructions below to enter and win:

  1. Pledge at least $1 on Kickstarter –> HERE
  2. Post this link on your Twitter or Facebook feed: and tag it #NobleGiveaway to win! (For Facebook please make post public so we can verify the link was posted)

The winner will be announced on February 14th, 2014.

For more information regarding the company check out the interview below.

Everyone wants to leave a good first impression, but why? A positive first impression can unlock doors of opportunity.

 A t-shirt by itself has never changed your life, but the confidence that comes from looking good in what you are wearing can cause you to live differently.

What is your philosophy as a brand?

If you look good, you feel good. This simple sentence has been the backing argument for thousands of purchases. But usually, the clothes that make you look good, a.k.a. the name brands with the designer logos, also tend to come with a heavy price tag. At Noble Rebels, we want to offer the feel and look of designer t-shirts without putting a hole in your pocket. You will love how you look, and you are supporting a brand who supports you. We want a relationship with our customers unlike the average brand, that is why we are customizing our website to feature different Noble Rebels each and every week.

So you say your website is different than most, why?

Say you love our designs, but you also know you are undiscovered talent. Buy a t-shirt from our website, and make a video of you showcasing your skill while wearing it. Once a week we will pick 5 lucky entries to be featured on our website. That means that you could have your music, sports montage, or art being advertised on the internet for free (Yes free, we aren’t kidding). That entire week will be dedicated to you and your talent. It isn’t just an incentive to buy our clothes, we really want to offer the best opportunities to the kids out there who have the talent but don’t have the funding.

Is there anything special about your clothing?

Each shirt design is inspired from a Biblical verse. We have selected great passages of scripture that display our beliefs as men and women of God, but we have paraphrased these to a modern translation that still gets the point across without being cheesy. We want our shirts to fit in on a rack at Zumiez or Pac Sun, but have more meaning for the wearer. We are a Christian brand, but we put enough effort into our designs for anyone to appreciate how our products look.

Are you involved in your community at all?

Our home base is located out of Scotia New York (Located near Albany, the Capital of NY), but we want to expand throughout the entire Upstate Region and beyond. The more money we get, the more we can do in the community. We would love to open skate parks, community recreation centers, and recording studios in our area. These locations would be cheaper than most, to once again provide an opportunity for the financially challenged youth in our area to have a fair shot at their dreams. We would provide skateboard lessons, sports training, and music lessons at our facilities from trained volunteers. So to answer the question in short, yes, we would love to eventually be a large part of our community.

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