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  1. Gevonzion

    A bruah this mixtape go very hard for Jesus…iama keep dis playing on my iPod and cell big ups to u bro

  2. mrmorgan80

    I remember hearing the very first track before you even released this CD man!  Glad to see the project come through! God has you covered!

  3. LQuintalStitt

    I’m going to give this album the greatest compliment I’ve ever posted on newh20:
    This album makes me anxious to be used by God.  Somehow, listening, I find myself praying: “God use me.”

  4. aklk5252

    Dorian, You did it again.. Love this album. I especially lovin  ”Turn on the Lights’ and ‘I know’ Got those two tracks on repeat! Can’t wait til you come out with another one..May God bless you and your music ministry.. Keep lovin Him


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