aaquil the ascension

This project was originally released Feb 22, 2012. Aaquil is re-releasing “The Ascension” project late 2013 with a new cover that he feels best suites its sound also with 2 new additional songs!

“Anyone with ears to hear should listen and understand.” – Aaquil

This is the season of “The Ascension” (in Aaquil’s words). This is the season of the rise of the pioneers of the faith, the over-comers, warriors, Prophets, Apostles etc who will help forcefully advance the Kingdom of God into the rest of the earth. Christians who’ve been laying dormant/ idle in God will develop a new found hunger and Ascend/ Advance to new levels in God and experience new things untold within the Presence of God and learn of new knowledge of the Glory of God. The end is near, but those who walk with God already know our victorious outcome, so those who know the future, promote the Good News with God’s Overwhelming Joy, Love and Great Power, always celebrating with new praises to God.

To Aaquil this project is special and symbolic for preparation, renewing, cleansing, “off with the old, on with the new”, new beginning, baptism, arising etc.

“A timeless project” – Aaquil

“I was on a divine hiatus for a while, came back enlightened and refreshed in Him.” Aaquil says.

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