Lyric – Lyrical (Punchlines. Metaphors. Wordplay. Content. Substance)


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  1. Back at it again wit them punchlines that come with power behind em. I gotta say the Intro and Chick Bad are my favorites man. I mean every track is real but those two stood out the most and you straight murdered them. Keep doin ya thing for the Glory of God homie, Salute – Klassic

  2. I think he curses in the sideline story song around 3:54 – 3:58. I think he says Fu**ers but i really hope im wrong becuase i love this guy and his work. If im wrong please correct me

    • @chipmunk30514 he said FAULT. i recorded him so I know better than anybody. glad you love his work. thanks a lot for your support

  3. I may be wrong, but in ‘my homies still’, doesn’t the beat constantly loop ‘F*** that D’ over and over? Just what ive heard ever since Lil Wayne released that song. Some radio stations I heard must have heard that aswell cause they somehow managed to blur that out in the beat, but some radio stations kept it (when they are suppose to blur out swears)Anyway, I love the album! Its just that track im not too sure about, I may be wrong, it may not be saying that, but not to start a problem like Canon’s flip flop status lol, all I know is that this beat is from Lil Wayne, and he is prone to having beats like that (with rude stuff), so yeah I guess just be a lil careful with songs like that. Peace! 🙂

    • @BenjaminMcGillicudy Thanks 4 your concerns fam! but the beat actually say “pump that bass” which I flipped it by sayin we pump that bass (CHH music) for Christ. -Lyric

  4. @Lyric of 25 Ta Lif3 @BenjaminMcGillicudy Well it really says “got that base” as in cocaine. He’s saying he doesn’t sell anymore, but his “homes still got that base” nice observation thou!


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