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  1. ZacharyRohman

    Gotta keep it real. I used to be a fan. I’m the type of guy who says it’s okay for you to sound like a secular artist. Sometimes that’s your style too, but this sounds WAY too much like Drake. There is just way too much singing on this, and the singing isn’t good enough to be on every song like it is. The singing on here is good enough to be on maybe 1 song on an entire album and get away with it, but 3-4 songs on a 6 song EP with heavy singing is probably too much. 
    The singing just sounds so whiny if I’m real.  
    Now this seems so critical and harsh probably. For real your more talented than most artists I see or else I wouldn’t give a critical review like this. I’m just doing it in hope that you will maybe see this and switch up your style, because I think it would greatly benefit you.

    • ZacharyRohman

      (And again, keep in mind, overall this is still a DECENT project. But it could be on so much of a higher level without all of the singing on it. Singing is one thing too, but the Drake imitations and the whiny singing is what I think drags down the project. I had to use the word “whiny” just to let you know how it really comes off to me. But you will do your thing. Like any artist their friends will always tell them one thing, and they will always think one thing, but the overall opinion of an average fan is what normally matters most. Just an average fan, and an average take. God bless man. God can use your talents man. Keep pressing!


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