D-Tropp has been working hard over the last year on ‘From Me to You’ and defining his sound. The project drops February 6, 2013. Recently D-Tropp his first single from the EP titled “Broken Hearts” which features Martymar of Social Club.

Here’s what D-Tropp had to say about his upcoming EP:

No matter what your background is, what religion you are, or what race you are there is one topic that just about everyone can relate to: Relationships. Many people have experienced the chase for someone great, but very few people like to discuss the result of what happens when it all goes wrong. ‘From Me to You’ provides a personal story of when that chase goes bad. My goal for the project is to use real life situations to explain the repercussions of trying to find “the one.” In this six-track project I provide insight on the horror stories of love and give the listener advice that I was given by God during those times. After listening it is clear that sometimes you just have to be alone so you can trust in God.


  1. Spring Sweet
  2. Dream Girl
  3. Biggest Fan feat. ZG
  4. Loves Runaways
  5. Broken Hearts feat. Martymar
  6. From Me to You

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