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  1. Roc Steer

    Wassup!!! Solid music man ya blow me away with this mix-tape, I Love the CD big-UPS! but I disagree with the first line of the hook on track #5 Easy; reasons being serving God is not easy. If it was easy to serve God then Jesus died in vain, and this christian journey would be a walk in the park; which it is not! Don’t Get me wrong I love your music and I support your cause but I don’t agree that as Christian we paint this picture to people that is easy being a christian or to serve Jesus because that would be telling a lie. Many persons fall away from the faith because they were deceive that serving God is easy and it not. As you would know Apostle Paul, Job, Peter, John the Baptist and David’s life among many others indicated that being a christian is not easy, also in the book of Ecclesiastes the bible say “the race is not for the swift (being easy to win) or the battle to the strong but to those who endure (preserver, long suffering) to the end. Also Jesus said himself in Mathew 24:13 “He who endureth to the end shall be save”. We all as Christian make mistakes and fall down but what make us great in God is for every time we fall we get up, dust our-self’s off and move on (for though a righteous man fall seven times, he rises again – Proverbs 24:16) . Again Guys Great music keep up the GREAT WORK GOD BLESS!!!!!

    • officialgospelboys

      thank you sooo much for your feed back! the word John 16:33 says These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.

      as believers we will have hard times! but easy! when listened to closely is like a motivational song for Christians! this walk is not easy! but its not hard because we can do all things through him that strengthens! us so we are not saying “get saved its easy” we are saying “the walk gets hard but your faith will make it tolerable” thanks so much God bless you

  2. reppingtheking619

    these songs are sooooooooo powerful!!!! i love them all! u guys should meet lecrae.

  3. ezbeatzsell


  4. Gmellor89

    Can I download this onto my iPad atall? I do not know how to do it 🙂 god bless x

    • NickDChow

      @Gmellor89 if you download it onto your computer and put into iTunes. Then sync your iPad with iTunes.


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