Gemstones – Elephant In The Room | Free Project


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  1. I literally forgot I was at work and just yelled out…”Gooodnight dude… slow downnn” This man is killen this. I hate to mix my faith in politics but its refreshing to hear an MC call it out like it needs to be. God over everything…Killuminati never.

  2. I ain’t gone lie I was like gemstones elephant I’ll pass…lol until I was on instagram somebody posted who is the best top 5 rappers and u was one of them . So I downloaded your mixtape and I truly got to say this is one of the best mixtapes .I like it cause u speaking real talk and all your tracks ain’t up beat but a mixture. Your diverse the singing parts is really good to I am really feeling your style on dis mixtape.Be encouraged cause the best is yet to come the last will be first and the first will be last.You got real talent to God be the Glory. I’ll be looking out for more music bruah God bless


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