Listen to the freestyle and you can download below.

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  1. No Name

    i dont comment on here at all but had to on this. he was a bit cocky but he went off and said things people wanna say but cant or wont.

  2. Brandon Rene

    i will say this not because i actually know this dude, chopped it up with him after service in Fla. But ill say this he has gottn alot of back lash for the way he approaches his lyrics and actually answers his critics but you cant deny talent. he hits notes and spits bars. eeee-nuf said.

  3. His_Airness_4ever

    this dude can spit. he ripped this beat. he had a lot of confidence in his bars but kept it Jesus 1st.
    “i aint into politics so no need to debate” jesus is king!!!
    favorite line tho- “shot out to my new friends, shout out to my old friends, shout out to the people only hit me on the weekends, you swear that all you know me cuz you know about my past, these boys are just AQUINTENCES these friendships never last” lmbo kept it g!


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