MC Jin – Crazy Love Ridiculous Faith | Free Album


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  1. This mixtape was really really good. The best I have seen on since Bizzle and P-Dub. Every song had great lyrics, a great message, and seemed to glorify God. The music was clearly blessed by God! Keep up the good work, I can honestly say that I would have paid for the whole mixtape if it was available on itunes

  2. This album is Great! Every song that I have listened to so far are just as good if not better then a lot of big named Christian Hip Hop and R&B artist. If this music is not being played on the radio currently it needs to be because I know it will Minister to so many people out there. Keep making great music like this, God Bless!

  3. Jin, I am so happy and thankful you are boldly stepping out in your faith. I pray The Lord brings many Godly & trustworthy men to surround you with Godly encouragement. You are being used by The Lord for many great things. It’s great to hear your heart from your music. May The Lord keep you grounded in His word and keep your wife & son too. Diggin these tracks! Keep them coming as The Lord leads you. Praise God you are saved!! Keep reprensenting Christ! Praise God your a talented Asian brotha lol!

    His Forever,


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