Camo – I Don’t Like Ft. Lyric, Shyn3, Jay-Way & Chris B | Remix


Listen to the remix and you can download below.



  1. Woooooowiiiiiiiieeeeeee!!!! Glory 2 God famo!! This joint needs to be played on er single radio station. Real Talk, I dont care if its the hip hop station, r&b or country, this joint needs to be heard. Godbless yal ~Klassic

  2. Another favorite!! Best collab with 5 of you, Chris B’s verse was 2 good! Thumbs up to all of you, can’t wait to hear the while mixtape!

  3. My group…this song goes hard my dude, you better believe it’s my new favorite joint bro!!! I am REALLY lovin the song guys, keep up with all of the AMAZING work you guys do, thank you and God bless!!!

  4. I just downloaded this joint right now! This goes so hard! “A fake Christian…that’s that stuff I don’t like”. I’m putting this on my next mix!

    • Thanks alot bro! really encouraging! it just means that we aim to be the best, but not for prideful gain, but because we serve a GOD who iz PERFECT, so with our lives, and talents we aim for greatness for HIS glory so #NoCocky


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