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    • Crae killed it!! This mix tape gon be fiyah, trust. I let my non saved coworkers listen to it 3 times already.. C’mon Christians we gotta support this movement and quit trying to keep Crae and everybody else all to ourselves..

      • Aye u right bra. Alot of us tryna keep Lecrae to ourselves, don’t you wanna expose the GOSPEL ? If u ever tried witnessing u KNOW that’s the light that the Church is being put in and that’s EXACTLY how he put it in this song.


        Props Crae. I support homie !

  1. how could you not like the truth and honesty of this track? to each his own but the world and church both need to hear this. Hosted by Don Cannon? big moves for the Kingdom Lecrae! Keep moving forward brotha.

  2. love the music and how he keeps it’s 100 man lecrae God is using more and more daily. To all that are hating tell me this is it because he is exsposing the truth or is it because he is doing it with don canon. are we not sent here do lead the great commission and lead the lost to Christ. So stip hating and support the ministry unless he is doing something contrary to the word of God don’t judge, we don’t know what God has told him and how the Lord might be using him in a whole new way to win mor for the kingdom Rom. 1:16 all day everyday.

  3. I love Christian hip hop but the heart of the Christian is to get those messages to the lost, cray going in that direction, keep pushing brotha, I’m praying and working with you. @teamkillit03

  4. Only Lecrae has seen and heard the things that a Christian artist of his caliber has experienced. I feel the “Christian Rap World” had him boxed in and he bout to speak some REAL truth. I support ya fam! Lead the way! The troops is behind ya!

  5. I really like this track by Lecrae; I may even go as far as saying this is my favorite from him. First, Sho Baraka left Reach Records because, in my opinion, he felt as though he was boxed in the Christian Rap World like Von Won (2 comments up) nicely put it. Now Lecrae seems to be taking that route with this mixtape. Now he’s not leaving Reach Records by no means, but he along with Sho Baraka are exploring new areas where this genre has never gone before. They both have a similar agenda in my opinion: to reach out to the lost and I hope their future projects succeed. All glory to God.

    • And let me reiterate that Sho started his own group with other artists that make music for the kingdom, but with a different sound. Check out “High Society Collective- High” on youtube if you’ve never heard of them.

  6. Someone needs to make this clear to me. – “That’s why I aint at church/ Truthfully I’m just doing me.” I’m not against his new mixtape, but just cause he gave us a warning before. Does that mean every thing he says is okay? It’s real what he is saying, it will offend people. Understandable. But where’s the line drawn? Do I stop going to church because people don’t serve God how they’re suppose to? Because I can’t wear a hat in church- {This comment was made to me by a friend} ” Why wear a hat in church any way, where’s the respect for God? Everyone knows when it comes to respect for something and you have a hat on. You take it off. For example if you’re at a game and the National anthem comes on or at a funeral.”

    • Uhmm, you do realize that he is not talking about himself, right? He’s speaking as most sinners feel when they come to church. As he does in a lot of his songs he was rapping as if he were the non saved person. I feel you on that hat theory though…

    • bro i feel you and what your saying but where lecrae is going is form a non beliver or a sinners stand point. I’m always the first one to say where is the respect showing for God or the church itself, a lot of people just wear any type of atire to church, but are willing to follow a dress code for work, school, etc. But God has showed that we as Christians need to draw in the lost first and let him do the work on them not us. the first thing people always say is come as your are, but it doesnt say stay as you are. I commend lecrae for bringging this topic up, we as Christians need to stop being so judge mental and focus more on winning souls for Christ, we once were lost to and need a light to guide us back to the cross. clothes do not make us Christians, but the God thats inside us does, love you all God bless.

      • Bro good thing I said someone needs to make it clear to me. That slipped my head right there, I missed the whole “from a non beliver or a sinners stand point.” Good looks, That right there clears the view. Thank you Y’all , God Bless. {@AyeJesus}

  7. Lecrae killed this! if you can’t see that this track is rapping from the view of a non-believer you selfish! i loved the last line cause it’s true! we suppose to be serving and helping non-believers and letting our light shine. not look done upon them! #Unashamed

  8. Lecrae is addressing one of the biggest weapons Satan uses against the Church: Hypocrisy. It is rampant throughout America and the rest of the world. He is keeping it real. That’s what Jesus did in the Bible. All the biblical figureheads followed suite. If this song bothers you, reevaluate what your relationship with God is really about. Lecrae, keeping representing God with every lyric you drop.


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