Nick (New H2O): Right now we have J1 and Goddi from the group Legion of Souls. We’ve been wanting to interview you guys for quite some time and I definitely appreciate the support you give to New H2O.

J1: We appreciate New H2O and Nick for having us man it’s all love.

Goddi: That’s no problem we appreciate everything NewH2O does.

N: I understand you guys have been around for about 5 years, when did you all exactly come together?

G: Well, J1 has been doing music for well over 10 years. We grew up together and he was always the music head amongst all of us. We came together and became L.O.S in spring of 2006.

J: And the rest is history In the making…

N: What were the goals of the group when you first formed? What were the main you reasons for forming the group?

J: When We first started We wanted to reach as many people as possible for God. That was the ultimate goal. We know how much influence music and entertainment has on our youth, so we were gonna use the talent God gave us to do so. It’s still our main goal today. Me and Goddi literally are in the same spirit when it comes to this.

N: Would you guys say that you make “Christian Hip Hop”? I know a lot of artists don’t like that term because they feel that it puts them in a box. What type of music would you describe that L.O.S. puts out?

G: Honestly, I think we just make good music.

J: We can both answer this in saying we are Christians who make hip hop music. Or just plain good music.

G: Music that inspires people to become great, to never settle, to never listen to the critics but to follow their heart and their calling.

J: I could say the reason artists don’t like the term “Christian Music” is because it does put them nn a box. Look I remember one day me and Goddi met fat Joe and we let him hear our music and some of our people’s music and he literally put Christian music in a box. He listened and said “egh yeah that’s that God music…”

N: With that being said, would you say that you want to cater to Christians but also reach the people who do not yet know who Christ is?

G: That is safe to say.

J: Definitely. When you make good music, you will be played where good music is played. Regardless if it’s Christian or not. Why not have the best music out there be made by ones following the Most High?

N: How would you describe your lyrics?

G: Daring. (laughs)

J: (laughs) I agree with Goddi, adventurous.

G: Overall, we speak the truth. We do not sugar coat the real issues that are going on around us. And we bring the good news, that no matter what the rest of the world has to say Jesus died for their sins and has set them free.

N: It seems like you guys make clean music but also try to push the envelope quite a bit. Do you think being adventurous pushes Christians away or does it make the lyrics more interesting to listen to?

J: We see a lot and hear a lot and it touches home. We write about that. Out music hits home honestly. I am again going to be squashed for this but it does both. We have to speak that the truth and the Word says clearly the truth sets you free. Some people don’t want to hear the truth so they close and kick rocks. God will deal with your truth one or two ways. Either you come to Him in peace or in pieces the choice is ultimately your. We paint a vivid reality picture of what is already in front of you. How you look at it is up to you.

G: I agree with J1 on this one. People are going to try and make an issue out of things one way or another.

J: We just wanna bring Christ into someone’s life. Some don’t wanna hear “Christian music” because of the term. We are here to just bring Christ and the relationship with it.

N: The track that you guys did with Royal.T called Hustle Hard, there seems to be some apparent backlash toward the lyrics in the song. They were saying you guys were too cocky, had big egos, and weren’t repping Christ. What would you like people to know on why you wrote those lyrics and made that song?

G: We are very far from cocky, but I can see why they assume we are. I would say we are very confident in who we are in Christ and we make it very clear. I’ll let J explain that verse to you though, because he definitely got the most heat on that. (laughs)

J: It’s apparent that people will always assume negativity when you are trying to spark positivist. My lyrics for one were taken way out of context
I had people calling me out. Calling me names and saying negative things about me and I was almost disturbed because in the verse I said to not think of me that way. People need to realize that I have come from the streets. I grew up on the streets. I have listened to the streets music and outcry.

N: What was the exact message you were trying to get across in that song?

J: That I am here fulfilling my calling from God and there isn’t anything gonna stop me. Lyrics say “now u looking at a rockstar…. and we hustle hard that’s the reason we got life for”. Those say I’m a star. I’m making it. My calling is coming to a success and I’ve been hustling hard. I’m in this for life. It’s an analogy letting people know I’m here for the long run. Til’ my last breathe. People should really go back and listen to lyrics and not swag cuz they are misunderstanding the difference.

G: I went into this track trying to make a point. Basically stating we are pushing the critics aside and hustling hard pushing the Word of God with them or without. They don’t need to understand why we do what we do and how we do it.

J: Shout out to heavyweight who fought me teeth and nail on the site then hit me up personally. Needless to say me and him are on same page now. He asked, he listened, and now he understands.

N: I think a lot of people are so used to listening to mainstream rap that their knee-jerk reaction is that you guys are glorifying yourself. Would you say that some of your tracks fall victim to that scenario?

J: Not really. You see we glorify God in all We do. We are second. We know and accept that. All the ones who bashed were Christians. When non-Christians heard it they understood and accepted it. It touched home. That’s progress.

G: I don’t think so. Never in any of our tracks have we ever said we are where we are at because of ourselves. We are nothing without Christ and we would be nowhere without Him. We are super proud of our accomplishments and boast about our blessings simply because we live in a world that thinks they can only be blessed by doing the things of the world.

N: Legion of Souls definitely gets more comments on their tracks than anyone else on New H2O. Why do you think that is?

G: (laughs) ‘Cause we hustle hard! (laughs)

J: (laughs) ‘Nuff said. (laughs) Naw but definitely.

G: Naw… honestly, I feel most people can read between the lines and understand the parables.

J: Because I think we relate with a lot of them.

G: Some don’t and that’s okay. I really wish they would inquire more before they go bashing but it’s cool. Men see appearance, God sees our heart.

J: A lot of people just like the fact that we are on there hustling.

N: Recently you guys dropped a couple tracks, what are you currently working on and what can people look forward to?

J: We drop nearly every week. Pushing the Word of God and we are doing it all for God but more related to our youth today.

G: We definitely have a few projects under our sleeves. I can’t really go into details but definitely have a few things coming soon.

J: We are grinding hard. Dropping tracks here and there. I mean just months ago we released the critically acclaimed Sample of Life 2 cd so we are still pushing that too through our label OG Muzik.

N: Sample of Life 2, you guys brought in quite a bit of talent. How’d all that come together?

J: This year expect more songs, freestyles, and mixtapes galore. We grinding, we all family. We are blessed to know a lot of good people. We just had a idea to have a cd where may talented artists came together for one cause and they all loved and wanted to be a part of it. It’s definitely my favorite cd of 2011. And I mean that.

N: I really enjoyed Sample of Life 2. The quality of the project was above the norm. For the people who don’t have it yet, where can that get a copy?

G: They can still go to and go to the OG Muzik Store.

J: Oh yeah Nick? What was your favorite songs?

N: Opening track Killing Me goes hard, Monsta Pt 2 is a personal favorite and I know it’s a lot of other peoples, and When It Rains. I like When It Rains because it has a different sound. It’s chill and very personal.

G: Nice!

J: When it rains is my favorite.

N: I have other favorites but we could talk about it for another hour. (laughs)

J: (laughs) Well, if you liked SOL2, you are definitely going to like what we got coming up!

N: Besides music, what other forms of ministry are you guys in?

G: We are both active youth ministers at our church Segadores de Vida (Harvesters of Life). We host bible study groups on a weekly basis and we work closely with charity organizations in our community.

J: Yes, we are very involved with the community.

G: One of the main reasons why when people say “we are not real Christians” I just smile and go on to the next thing.

N: How would you say that being involved in ministry impacts the music you guys put out?

J: Again. We see the pain. Hear the cries. We are involved so we know what is out there and we place that in our music to reflect and let people know there is hope.

G: J1 hit it on the nail. Since we deal closely with the streets on a weekly basis, we know what gets their attention. So we gear our music towards those things, so once we have their attention, they are open to receiving the good news.

N: That’s great guys. It’s always awesome to hear that artists are not just using music as a ministry and are actually in the streets ministering. That speaks volumes to the realness and the approach that you guys take.

G: We encourage people to ask. If you dont know, just ask.

J: Definitely.

N: Were there any last things you want people to know?

G: Yes, #1 that we love and pray for everyone out there whether they bash us or not. (laughs) #2 Keep your ears out for new things coming from the entire label. #3 We want to send a quick shout to the entire South Florida Movement including A.D, Rey King and the YG Label, Cheno, LOJIK, LEX, and everyone else involved in bringing the Word to the streets via music. Last but not least, feel free to follow us on twitter @legionofsouls or facebook.

J: Definitely know that we as ministers are here to bring Christ to the front. That’s what we do day in and day out. We live, breathe, and sleep God. We are just a different breed. Music is evolving before our eyes. There is a new generation. We are part of that generation. Pray for us. Please do. We are going in the darkest places to bring light. And you may not understand but know We have a calling to reach lost. so follow us. It’s a heck of a ride I promise we have fun doing what we do. ‘Cuz we #winning all day. So thank you in advance to all who are following the new wave. Shout out to OG LEX and LOJIK to all others supporting us. Rey king and J Blaze and who wave of awesome hip hop in Florida. We in here. We doing it….it’s done!!!!! God bless. J1 says you love me or hate me, I’m still praying for u. The LEGION!!

N: Well I want to thank you guys for taking the time to do this interview and for support New H2O. You definitely make the site a better place for people to come to.

G: Thank you or having us. May God keep blessing your ministry Nick!

J: Definitely mad love.

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BONUS: Purchase Sample of Life 2. Listen to the album below.

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  1. LaLa Ruiz

    Really good interview. Not a fan so much but I like their input and enjoy knowing they are active Bible youth group leaders. That is def needed in HHH


    Very good interview sir. you dug in a bit but i think they spun around some of the questions pretty good lol

  3. I actually Read it

    Nice questions solid interview. They seem don’t to earth just very charismatic. That CDs is tough tho!

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    those are my boys J1 is my youth leader love him to death as a brother in christ. Goddi is my another brother in christ i admire he became rapper cause of a prophecy and learned a lot very strong testimony i know about both of them.

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    good interview. answered some questions i actually had about their music. J did get plastered for some of his lyrics of the past and i always had questions about his actions, glad he answered those

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    idk bout the rest of yall but i think Legion are overlooked and underrated. you got social killing it now and rey king always beasting but they been repping for years and get no credit los be killing it. and the dude that sings be having some beast bars too…yall sleep they repping the kingdom hard


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