Big Swole – Get Swole Da Mixtape


Download the entire mixtape here

Listen to the full mixtape below!



  1. Played that Got It Good joint at a youth concert in dallas this weekend. That mug had the crowd south dallas swaggin all afternoon. good stuff

  2. I like this mixtape. It has great balance and its not to deep.Thank you for sharing your heart like this. God bless you

  3. Bro I like joints that are not to churchy. This his the nail on the head. I’m new to this Christan thing and I don’t know what have these dudes be taking about. Like resurrection, agape and crap like that. I like how there are artist that are right in the middle for people like me. Someone who is still jamming and struggling on letting go of secular music and someone who is trying this Christan thing. I almost gave up until I heard this.thanks bro and God bless. I’m a supporter of your music. Can I ask what are you classified as. Like genre?

    • Sorry dude wasn’t trying to dislike that i’m using my cell phone and tried to click like. But hey God does love you and thanks for sharing. Big swole is just a vessel

    • Hey bro preciate the love fam. In all honesty he is right I am just a vessel. but dont lose faith just yet. That is what my music is suppose to be about. I know alot of people dont like it because i dont doctornie it. I love good music. Just always remember this. James 1:2.-3


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