25 Ta-Lif3 – Bars No Cocky Vol. 2 | Mixtape

Bars (No Cocky) Vol 2

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Written by Nick

Love God. Hip Hop Enthusiast. Serial entrepreneur. Web Developer. Founder of newH2O.com. I Never Stop.


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    • Thanks bruh! u always show support. i thank GOD we havent let u down yet ha. all glory 2 Christ! def appreciate ya support!

  1. man camo loving the mix tape,it is straight fire, a great mix overall. I’m def burn some copies for the fam and friends God bless

  2. Camo, are you 25 Ta-Lif3, or is it someone you work with, or is it the name of a group, or what? just wondering, and btw loved “Give Um A Sample,” still got some of the songs on playback

    • 25 Ta-Lif3 iz a group. Me and my brother Lyric. He was tha one who did “you cant tell me nothing” and who had most of tha 2nd verses when a song had only 2 verses. and thanks, im so happy u love tha mixtape and still playing tha one i dropped last yearrr

  3. My fav mixtape of 2012 so far! U guys definitely raised the bar with this project. I love the metaphors punchlines & transparency. I know God got BIG things in store for ya’ll! #Thatz25onme!

  4. Again and again, mixtape after mixtape, you guys always continue to impress me!!!! I love the mixtape, so far my favorites are “I know You Don’t Love Me” & “Punchlines Back” Keep up the good work guys!!!

    • Thanks Jay!! glad u feeling tha mixtape. and its only by GOD’S grace we haven’t dropped tha ball and are able to say wit tha mixtape flood. Thanks for your support!

  5. Okay, I think this is like 1 of the best mixtapes yall have done! This is Hot yall…keep going hard for Christ! No matter what anyone tries to tell yall, keep going strong cuz He’s your strength, not the people hating on Him & His kids. Daddy God bless ~ LeeLee 🙂

    • Thanks Lisa! mad encouraging! and u rite, its all about Christ, and nobody else. happy u really feeling tha mixtape

    that one song “Im on” was genious!
    2 questions….

    1) was that a chris lee cobins sample?
    2) are Camo, D-hood and lyric brothers?
    (Sorry about the second question, lol ive been wondering this for awhile though)

    • Wow THANKS! def appreciate it! and ummm im not sure whut tha sample was, and yes lol, we are brothers. 11 months apart haha

  7. Mane somebody call the fire-department cuz the mics is on fire, the sound proof room done exploded, and aint nun left but smoke at the end of each track. Godbless yal 25 Ta-Lif3..Got my respect

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