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  1. ILS Marketing INC

    Very Solid track. I am really liking the hook! Beat is Fire too, Legion with another fire track

  2. Andre Smith

    I will not even lie legion always coming correct. They have not posted any wack songs on here or other sites. This is whats its about real #kingdom music!

  3. Terrance Matos

    Ha making metaphor for lebron winding a ring 3x like 3peat yeah right lending sucks! Heat suck and bosh is super wack lol cool song tho

    • J1OFLOS

      lol i have a feeling this will stir up conflict…i wont bite! #teamlebron #teamwade heat all day! lmbo

  4. J1OFLOS

    thanks to all for the overwhelming love and support. remember to hit us up @legionofsouls or @j1oflos or directly on our website madd love and blessings to all of you. #kingdom all day


    “well done is always better than well said” true!
    hot record keep em coming

  6. Teearie

    one of my new favorite songs! message behind this song is great and the hook is amazing

  7. Yell His Name

    The hook on this track is amazing. 1st verse is was sick 2nd verse could use some work but nonetheless his lyrics were on point. Love track

  8. Unknown

    This track is fire. Love the chorus, 1st verse is fire, 2nd verse is my favorite.


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