Jin – Sincerely Yours 2.0 | Free EP


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  1. Well in islam, Jin rep a demon, i guess my ? why continue that that name if you are a Christian artist now? Behold old things have past away and new things have come. that would be crazy to still continue with a name like Jin and being a Christian. But i guess it’s politics for ya. but im trying to see this thing in the spiritual and not in the flesh and dark and light don’t mix i would have changed my name…. and now welcome to the stage Demon with his new song .. jesus loves you.. that’s sounds weird allready. owell thats just my op.

    • big rob you know the main thing u said was wrong was that IN ISLAM he is not islamic so it does not mean that to him. becaus it acually means in his culture JIN (1) m & f Chinese
      From Chinese 金 “gold, metal, money”, 锦 “embroidered, bright” or 津 “ferry”.
      JIN (2) f & m Korean
      Means “precious” from Sino-Korean 珍.
      so please do not put comments like that because you make yourself look like a fool

    • lol…..his real name is jin, he is Asian. No need for him to change his name. I don’t think you knew that but you now know

  2. Big Rob, that’s between Jin and God. That sounds a little super spiritual to me, I see your point but you could have asked the man on a private message. Since when do we let Islam dictate what we do?

  3. …Of course, in the end his name doesn’t matter. His heart, his message and who it reaches is all that counts. God can use his name notoriety to reach people who recognize it


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