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    hot hot hot hot mixtape! south florida repping hard for the kingdom!
    Rey King, Cheno, AD, Rhema Soul, L.O.S. now social club, lets get it! Dj destiny you be going in on the mixes, any other mixtapes? with other artists?

    • DJ Destiny

      Thanks fam. The love is much appreciated. For now you can cop that F.E.R.N single “Ridin’ Round” we did together right here on New H2O. But to answer your question, there are more Mixtapes w/ artist in the works so stay tuned. And always feel free to hit me up on twitter @_DJDestiny

  2. Marcel Brown

    I keep all the Social Club alums on my iPod!!. I Love Angels With Dirty Faces off this CD!!!!

  3. Brendan Leonard

    So much yes! I love this mixtape! Still bump it from time to time.

  4. Brendan Leonard

    Angels With Dirty Faces is also on their MISFIT B-Sides project.

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