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  1. Terrance Matos

    Yo that living track is such a heartfelt track! Loving the hook on in the skies!

  2. best_unknown

    omg! Los track 6 living is so hot! Everyone talking bout them listen to that track its ministering to me


    all i have to say is this @legionofsouls and @j1oflos it takes a man to own up to his or her mistakes and I before went hard at yall for the “so called” different tracks you were doing fit for a different crowd. Ive heard this and i gotta say you guys are def a blessing.

    **attention** anyone reading this listen to track 6 living, 13 when it rains and 17 its on me, shows growth and humility in a group often mis identified by some of us as cocky . when it rains i probably one of my favorite christian hip hop songs in recent memory, that hook is ridiculously intense. yall got me down for life

  4. Amazing

    solid album for sure. im feeling that AD joint. and its on me. keep it up fellas

  5. Ill Clothing Line

    raw as heck love the when it rains track and it’s on me! My zone is hot too

  6. Anthony Bisantino

    I love track 14 and track 7 rare nice one for people in relationship bless

  7. J1OFLOS

    thanks to all for the support love yall for real! more @legionofsouls and @j1oflos coming real soon….. Bless Up!

  8. Andre Smith

    i agree with nsane this too good to be free but in the meantime imma dl it lol! hot cd!!!

  9. FlippyJay

    Ohh dude I love “God of the City” my absolute fav. song right now! Very good work!!! Thanks guys 4 putting this stuff in here 4 free! I need it and other people need it! May our gracious God be lifted high 4 this work!

  10. Angie123

    This is very good music. we dont have enough of this good music to spare in this industry. I pray you guys prosper huge in this music thing cuz all of you guys have a major blessing upon your hands and I hope God continues to use that talent with each of you.

    BTW “Living” by L.O.S.

  11. Wired On Love

    Ok…so i literally have been on this site about every other week to dl some hot new christian hip hop and i see alot of Og or los or j1 and im like ok let me listen…i normally like the music but dont fully condone the message, or lack there of…i dont comment cuz im not the type to be placing anyone on a spo its your life and place with God not mine, but i came on here this morning and have given the shot to listen to them and let me just say…

    give it 5*****

    about 85% of the mixtape is not only enjoyable but has a message.. Good Job fellas…I will now look forward to more of yall music…

    P.S. L.O.S. keep up yall grind if its in Gods hands you will more than succeed. Bless you all


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