JB Real – Sound Mind Circus-Beautiful Odyssey | Mixtape

JB Real- Sound Mind Circus - Beautiful Odyssey CoverArt

Download the entire mixtape here

Listen to the full mixtape below!

JB Real – Sound Mind Circus-Beautiful Odyssey



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  1. JB is one of the best in the game and he’s so underrated!!! I know he only raps for Gods glory, but he should be appreciated more for the quality music and message he gives through the Holy Spirit!

  2. AMEN brother! rep the kingdom. JB Go haaarrdd fam! the world look at me like a freak just because i love Jesus but i look at them like i dont care HA cuz I LOVE JESUS. rep it fam.

  3. Gr8 Mixtape, JB Real should be among the Top Rappers in the world much love from South Africa, All Your fans in south Africa Love you JB can’t wait for the release of a new album!!!

  4. OhEmG-Uint “Stranded” Track is CRazy, so on point, reason why me & a lot of my friends have fallen away from God at times. Brother keep spittin man, don’t stop! I’m posten this on facebook to all ’em fake mudda sukkaz that didn’t help me. Lol

  5. I’m bumping you in the 242.

    Thats the Bahamas. Can’t what for your other stuff. Do a NO CEILINGS type cd and just kill everybody track. Just straight freestyles, finish it in a week and I will big it up on datpiff.

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